Military Firearms

  • enfieldno22.jpg

    Enfield No. 2 Revolver

  • newline2.jpg

    Colt New Line 22lr

  • py.jpg

    Colt Python 4" 357mag 1982 Maine

  • defender.jpg

    H&R Defender 38

  • p58.jpg

    Walther P5 Pistol

  • inglishp.jpg

    Inglis Hi Power

  • 4932.jpg

    Colt 1849 31 cal

  • smith422.jpg

    Smith & Wesson 422 22lr

  • tiger.jpg

    Russian Tiger

  • ppk3.jpg

    Walther PPK

  • danwesson715b.jpg

    Dan Wesson 715 357mag

  • p230.jpg

    Sig Sauer P230 380acp

  • 1914.jpg

    Mauser WWI 1914

  • officialpolice.jpg

    Colt Official Police 22lr

  • luger.jpg

    Commercial American Eagle Luger 9mm

  • arm.jpg

    Egyptian Maadi AKM AK47

  • match.jpg

    Colt Woodsman Match Target 22lr

  • lady3.jpg

    Smith & Wesson 3913LS Lady Smith 9mm Pistols

  • quak1.jpg

    H.M. Quackenbush Bicycle Gun

  • hi_standard_double_nine.jpg

    Hi Standard Double Nine 22lr Revolver

  • 38h2.jpg

    JP Sauer & Sohn 38H

  • webleymarkiv.jpg

    Webley Mark IV

  • 19226.jpg

    FNH 1922 Pistol

  • coltsport.jpg

    Colt Pre Ban Sporter

  • usedmarlin1893.jpg

    Marlin 1893

  • 56s.jpg

    Norinco 56S

  • hsc.jpg

    Mauser HSC

  • trapdoor.jpg

    Springfield Armory 1884 Trapdoor

  • p97dc2.jpg

    Ruger P97DC 45acp

  • 36.jpg

    Smith & Wesson Model 36

  • winchester9430.jpg

    Winchester 94

  • win70.jpg

    Winchester Model 70 Pre 64

  • victory_6.jpg

    Smith & Wesson WWII Victory Model 6"

  • 1884.jpg

    Springfield Trapdoor

  • spencer.jpg

    Spencer M1865 Saddle Ring Carbine

  • a5.jpg

    Browning A5

  • mar.jpg

    Marlin Ballard Single Shot Falling Block 22 Cal

  • citation2.jpg

    High Standard Supermatic Citation 107 Military 22lr

  • 375.jpg

    Marlin 375

  • 99.jpg

    Arisaka 99

  • 1903a3.jpg

    Remington 1903-A3

  • freedom_arms_premier.jpg

    Freedom Arms Premier Grade 454 Casull

  • sharps.jpg

    Sharps M1863 Saddle Ring Carbine

  • car.jpg

    Italian Carcano M38 Cavalry Carbine Folding Bayo

  • enfield.jpg

    1916 British Enfield MK III BSA 303

  • wd.jpg

    Colt Woodsman 22lr

  • wood.jpg

    Colt Woodsman 22lr

  • trailside15.jpg

    Sig Sauer Trailside 22lr

  • p7.jpg

    H&K P7

  • wwii-japanese-nambu-type-14.jpg

    wwii Japanese Type 14 Nambu Pistol

  • 1937-s42-mauser-luger.jpg

    wwii German Mauser S/42 P08 Luger 1937

  • 1908-luger.jpg

    German Pre wwi Model 1908 DWM P08 Luger

  • inglis.jpg

    Inglis Hi Power

  • cd3.jpg


  • 14.jpg

    Nambu Type 14

  • s99.jpg

    Savage 99 Takedown 300 Sav 1941

  • fal6.jpg


  • 260.jpg

    TDE / OMC AUTO MAG 260 357 AMP

  • 66.jpg

    Smith & Wesson 66-4 357mag 2"

  • 122in.jpg

    Smith 12-2 38spl 2" Chiefs Special

  • 34.jpg

    Smith 34-1 Kit Gun 22lr 2"

  • p76.jpg

    H&K P7 9mm

  • 65.jpg

    Smith 65-1 4" 357mag

  • b26m.jpg

    Mossberg B26M

  • wood2.jpg

    Colt Woodsman 22lr

  • 686.jpg

    Smith 686-1 357mag

  • usra.jpg

    H&R USRA

  • 34k.jpg

    Smith 34-1 Kit Gun 22lr 4"

  • wwii-german-mp40-maine.jpg

    wwii German MP40 dummy with original parts.

  • m1934.jpg

    Beretta M1934 Pistol

  • 62521.jpg

    Smith 625-3 3" 1989

  • deer.jpg

    Ruger 44 Deerfield Carbine

  • mini.jpg

    Ruger Mini 14

  • classic.jpg

    Smith 686-2 357mag Classic Hunter

  • joslyn.jpg

    Civil War Joslyn Carbine

  • 635.jpg

    Smith 63-3 2" 22lr Lew Horton Spl

  • 681.jpg

    Smith 681 no dash early 1981

  • 634in.jpg

    Smith 63-3 4" 22lr

  • sks.jpg

    Chinese SKS

  • 6576.jpg

    Smith 657-2 41mag Classic Hunter

  • 390613.jpg

    Smith 3906 9mm

  • wwii-mauser-byf-p38-2.jpg

    wwii Mauser byf P38 9mm

  • gov4.jpg

    Colt Government 380acp

  • armyspl.jpg

    Colt Army Special 38

  • pc19112.jpg

    Smith & Wesson PC1911 45acp

  • polytech1.jpg

    Poly Tech AK47

  • enfield9.jpg

    British 303

  • sks.jpg

    Norinco SKS

  • usfa25.jpg

    USFA Bisley Revolver

  • p23016.jpg

    Sig Sauer P230

  • glock_17_25th.jpg

    Glock 17 Gen 4 25th Anniversary Edition

  • parker13.jpg

    Parker Bros. Shotgun

  • springfield_armory_m1_garand.jpg

    Springfield Armory M1 Garand

  • officer23.jpg

    Colt Officers Enhanced 45acp

  • k31.jpg

    Swiss K31

  • toop2.jpg

    Colt Trooper 357mag

  • wwi_1911.jpg

    WWI Colt 1911 Rebuilt @ Augusta Arsenal

  • smith_carbine.jpg

    Civil War Smith Carbine

  • v127.jpg

    Springfield Armory V12 Ported 45acp

  • wildey.jpg

    Wildey Auto Pistol 45 Win Mag Maine

  • usedamt5.jpg

    AMT Automag 22mag

  • ttc.jpg

    Romanian TTC 7.62x39 Tokarev

  • 1911.jpg

    US Colt wwi 1911 / wwii 1911A1 45acp Pistols

  • waltherp38.jpg

    Walther P38 WWII

  • rossi_92.jpg

    Rossi 92 pre safety

  • mkii2.jpg

    Ruger Competition Target 2004 USA Shooting Team MKII 22lr

  • smith647c.jpg

    Smith & Wesson 647 17hmr

  • fn274.jpg

    FN 27 Pistol

  • mosin.jpg

    Mosin Nagant 91/30 Sniper WWII

  • 58.jpg

    Remington 1858 New Model Army Civil War Revolver

  • m44.jpg

    Mosin Nagant M44

  • waltherpp.jpg

    Walther PP WWII

  • ng2.jpg

    Smith & Wesson 329 Night Guard 44mag

  • sharps.jpg


  • p0829.jpg

    Luger P08

  • longbranch.jpg

    Enfield Canadian Longbranch 303 British WWII

  • 25.jpg

    Smith & Wesson Model 25 45lc

  • 1861.jpg

    Civil War 1861

  • src.jpg

    Winchester 94 SRC

  • nagant.jpg

    Nagant Revolver

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Threaded Barrel
Manual Safety
Optics Ready
Left Handed
Brand Fitment
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Barrel Length
Night Sights
NOS Zastava Yugoslavian SKS M59/66 59/66 7.62x39 with Grenade Launcher. Still in Cosmoline NOS unfired. Matching numbers with original sling and oiler

Regular Price: $650.00
Cash Price: $630.50
Cash Disc:: $19.50
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