We offer consigment services if you do not want to sell your firearms to us or would rather try your luck in an auction or retail setting. There are some firearms we may not want to purchase but we will consign them. We are not an Maine cuction company or Auctioneer. We are a licensed firearms dealer.

We specialize in Antique, Military, Collectible, Historical, Old and Rare guns. Winchester, Colt, Marlin, Smith & Wesson, and more. Revolutionary War, War or 1812, Civil War, WWI and WWII military firearms and collectibles.

ATTN: TAKING EFFECT IN 2024 LD. 2224 An Act to Strengthen Public Safety by Improving Maine's Firearm Laws and Mental Health System. This will require background checks on ALL advertised firearms sales (such as Uncle Henry's or other online or newspaper ads)LD 2224 will be in effect soon! It will be a Class C the crime of intentionally, knowingly or recklessly selling or transferring a firearm to a person who is prohibited from owning, possessing or having under that person's control a firearm. Establishes a Class C crime for a seller who is not a federally licensed firearms dealer to complete a transaction unless the seller facilitates the transaction through a federally licensed firearms dealer and the dealer performs a background check of the seller by using the Federal Bureau of Investigation, National Instant Criminal Background Check System. This maybe edited when legislation takes effect .

Consignment Fees:  

Fee stucture below.

For firearms sold for up to $1000 - 20% consignment fee. Minimum Fee of $45 charge (this is for items that are of lesser value). Fees for any additional amounts over $1000 drops to 15%. These fees are applied per firearm. Remember in most cases I absorb the credit card fees which are 1-4%. I do not charge buyers premiums so typically the items sell for more than through an auction company which can charge the buyer 13-25% plus any credit card fees. This causes the bidding to be lower.

Example: If an item has sold for $1000 the fee is $200
Example: If an item has sold for $1500 the fee is $200 (20% of a $1000) plus $75 (15% of $500) = $275

If the item is sold on Gun Broker any auction fees that we are charged will be removed from the selling price and then the above fees are charged. Online selling requires a lot of picture taking, time listing the items, answering questions, sending an invoice, processing payments, and shipping the item.  Typically guns sell much quicker on Gun Broker.

If the item does not sell we will must perform a background check to return the item or items back to you. A $15 cash or $20 cc transfer fee will apply when the background check is done. Multiple handgun transfers will have an additional $15 cash or $20 cc fee applied. Items that were to be sold online that did not sell will be subject to Gun Broker auction listing fees (are not that much if it does not sell) and a $20.00 fee for my time listing the item in addition to the transfer fee.
We do purchase firearms as well.

Firearms Preperation For Auction or Retail Sales:

Before we sell any firearms we:

- Clean the firearm inside and out (disassembly maybe required)
- Inspect the firearm
- Check for any defects or repairs needed (we will not do any repairs)
- Check for originality
- Research the firearm so an accurate description can be written

Firearm Photos:

Being a semi professional photographer as well (A.P. Photography) the owner will take quality photos of the item to be sold if it is listed in an online auction setting. This is so the buyer will know exactly what they are buying.


We will take care of all aspects of shipping the item safely to the buyer if sold in an online auction.

Background Check:

If the item is sold in our retail location we will perform a FBI background check on the buyer before selling the firearm. If the firearm is an antique no background check is required.

Seller Payments:

We will pay the seller ASAP once the payment has been processed, the background check has cleared (if required), and the buyer has received the item in good order.

We do purchase firearms and offer free appraisals.

See these pages.

Free Appraisals:

We Buy firearms:

Maine Gun Buyer:


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