• py.jpg

    Colt Python 4" 357mag 1982 Maine

  • defender.jpg

    H&R Defender 38

  • p58.jpg

    Walther P5 Pistol

  • inglishp.jpg

    Inglis Hi Power

  • 4932.jpg

    Colt 1849 31 cal

  • smith422.jpg

    Smith & Wesson 422 22lr

  • tiger.jpg

    Russian Tiger

  • ppk3.jpg

    Walther PPK

  • danwesson715b.jpg

    Dan Wesson 715 357mag

  • p230.jpg

    Sig Sauer P230 380acp

  • 1914.jpg

    Mauser WWI 1914

  • officialpolice.jpg

    Colt Official Police 22lr

  • luger.jpg

    Commercial American Eagle Luger 9mm

  • arm.jpg

    Egyptian Maadi AKM AK47

  • match.jpg

    Colt Woodsman Match Target 22lr

  • lady3.jpg

    Smith & Wesson 3913LS Lady Smith 9mm Pistols

  • quak1.jpg

    H.M. Quackenbush Bicycle Gun

  • hi_standard_double_nine.jpg

    Hi Standard Double Nine 22lr Revolver

  • newline2.jpg

    Colt New Line 22lr

  • 38h2.jpg

    JP Sauer & Sohn 38H

  • enfieldno22.jpg

    Enfield No. 2 Revolver

  • webleymarkiv.jpg

    Webley Mark IV

  • 19226.jpg

    FNH 1922 Pistol

  • coltsport.jpg

    Colt Pre Ban Sporter

  • usedmarlin1893.jpg

    Marlin 1893

  • 56s.jpg

    Norinco 56S

  • hsc.jpg

    Mauser HSC

  • trapdoor.jpg

    Springfield Armory 1884 Trapdoor

  • p97dc2.jpg

    Ruger P97DC 45acp

  • 36.jpg

    Smith & Wesson Model 36

  • winchester9430.jpg

    Winchester 94

  • win70.jpg

    Winchester Model 70 Pre 64

  • victory_6.jpg

    Smith & Wesson WWII Victory Model 6"

  • 1884.jpg

    Springfield Trapdoor

  • spencer.jpg

    Spencer M1865 Saddle Ring Carbine

  • a5.jpg

    Browning A5

  • mar.jpg

    Marlin Ballard Single Shot Falling Block 22 Cal

  • citation2.jpg

    High Standard Supermatic Citation 107 Military 22lr

  • 375.jpg

    Marlin 375

  • 99.jpg

    Arisaka 99

  • 1903a3.jpg

    Remington 1903-A3

  • freedom_arms_premier.jpg

    Freedom Arms Premier Grade 454 Casull

  • sharps.jpg

    Sharps M1863 Saddle Ring Carbine

  • car.jpg

    Italian Carcano M38 Cavalry Carbine Folding Bayo

  • enfield.jpg

    1916 British Enfield MK III BSA 303

  • wd.jpg

    Colt Woodsman 22lr

  • wood.jpg

    Colt Woodsman 22lr

  • trailside15.jpg

    Sig Sauer Trailside 22lr

  • p7.jpg

    H&K P7

  • wwii-japanese-nambu-type-14.jpg

    wwii Japanese Type 14 Nambu Pistol

  • 1937-s42-mauser-luger.jpg

    wwii German Mauser S/42 P08 Luger 1937

  • 1908-luger.jpg

    German Pre wwi Model 1908 DWM P08 Luger

  • inglis.jpg

    Inglis Hi Power

  • cd3.jpg


  • 14.jpg

    Nambu Type 14

  • s99.jpg

    Savage 99 Takedown 300 Sav 1941

  • fal6.jpg


  • 260.jpg

    TDE / OMC AUTO MAG 260 357 AMP

  • 66.jpg

    Smith & Wesson 66-4 357mag 2"

  • 122in.jpg

    Smith 12-2 38spl 2" Chiefs Special

  • 34.jpg

    Smith 34-1 Kit Gun 22lr 2"

  • p76.jpg

    H&K P7 9mm

  • 65.jpg

    Smith 65-1 4" 357mag

  • b26m.jpg

    Mossberg B26M

  • wood2.jpg

    Colt Woodsman 22lr

  • 686.jpg

    Smith 686-1 357mag

  • usra.jpg

    H&R USRA

  • 34k.jpg

    Smith 34-1 Kit Gun 22lr 4"

  • wwii-german-mp40-maine.jpg

    wwii German MP40 dummy with original parts.

  • m1934.jpg

    Beretta M1934 Pistol

  • 62521.jpg

    Smith 625-3 3" 1989

  • deer.jpg

    Ruger 44 Deerfield Carbine

  • mini.jpg

    Ruger Mini 14

  • classic.jpg

    Smith 686-2 357mag Classic Hunter

  • joslyn.jpg

    Civil War Joslyn Carbine

  • 635.jpg

    Smith 63-3 2" 22lr Lew Horton Spl

  • 681.jpg

    Smith 681 no dash early 1981

  • 634in.jpg

    Smith 63-3 4" 22lr

  • sks.jpg

    Chinese SKS

  • 6576.jpg

    Smith 657-2 41mag Classic Hunter

  • 390613.jpg

    Smith 3906 9mm

  • wwii-mauser-byf-p38-2.jpg

    wwii Mauser byf P38 9mm

  • gov4.jpg

    Colt Government 380acp

  • armyspl.jpg

    Colt Army Special 38

  • pc19112.jpg

    Smith & Wesson PC1911 45acp

  • polytech1.jpg

    Poly Tech AK47

  • enfield9.jpg

    British 303

  • sks.jpg

    Norinco SKS

  • usfa25.jpg

    USFA Bisley Revolver

  • p23016.jpg

    Sig Sauer P230

  • glock_17_25th.jpg

    Glock 17 Gen 4 25th Anniversary Edition

  • parker13.jpg

    Parker Bros. Shotgun

  • springfield_armory_m1_garand.jpg

    Springfield Armory M1 Garand

  • officer23.jpg

    Colt Officers Enhanced 45acp

  • k31.jpg

    Swiss K31

  • toop2.jpg

    Colt Trooper 357mag

  • wwi_1911.jpg

    WWI Colt 1911 Rebuilt @ Augusta Arsenal

  • smith_carbine.jpg

    Civil War Smith Carbine

  • v127.jpg

    Springfield Armory V12 Ported 45acp

  • wildey.jpg

    Wildey Auto Pistol 45 Win Mag Maine

  • usedamt5.jpg

    AMT Automag 22mag

  • ttc.jpg

    Romanian TTC 7.62x39 Tokarev

  • waltherp38.jpg

    Walther P38 WWII

  • rossi_92.jpg

    Rossi 92 pre safety

  • mkii2.jpg

    Ruger Competition Target 2004 USA Shooting Team MKII 22lr

  • smith647c.jpg

    Smith & Wesson 647 17hmr

  • fn274.jpg

    FN 27 Pistol

  • mosin.jpg

    Mosin Nagant 91/30 Sniper WWII

  • 58.jpg

    Remington 1858 New Model Army Civil War Revolver

  • m44.jpg

    Mosin Nagant M44

  • waltherpp.jpg

    Walther PP WWII

  • ng2.jpg

    Smith & Wesson 329 Night Guard 44mag

  • sharps.jpg


  • p0829.jpg

    Luger P08

  • longbranch.jpg

    Enfield Canadian Longbranch 303 British WWII

  • 25.jpg

    Smith & Wesson Model 25 45lc

  • 1861.jpg

    Civil War 1861

  • src.jpg

    Winchester 94 SRC

  • nagant.jpg

    Nagant Revolver

Guns wanted Maine. Buy fireams in Maine. Cash for guns. Antiques, Vintage, and Modern. Militaria


Guns wanted Maine. Buy fireams in Maine. Cash for guns. Antiques, Vintage, and Modern. Militaria Wanted. Free Appraisals

Guns wanted Maine. Buy fireams in Maine. Cash for guns. Antiques, Vintage, and Modern. Militaria Wanted. Free Appraisals

We have been serving Maine since 1997.
Allsport Performance 20 years in business

We buy and sell historic military firearms and militaria. Estate collections wanted. Revolutionary War, Civil War, WWI, WWII, Korean War, Vietnam War weapons and collectable items. The advantage to coming here is owner also a collects military items. We have connections with experts and collectors to help properly identify and sell the items to the right collector. We will keep some vetans collections together to honor the hero that they represent.


Historical & antique firearms - Colt - Winchester - Marlin - Smith & Wesson - WWI & WWII firearms and collectibles
Highest Prices Paid for Antique, Old, Collectable, and Military Firearms!


$$ Money doesn't grow on trees but it does grow in attics, garages, drawers, and closets! $$
We offer fair prices on used guns whether we buy or take your firearm in on trade. We give a higher value for your trade or guns we buy.
Located only a few miles from Bangor and Brewer area. We are located in Hermon, Maine on the Bog Road. Only 3 miles from Bangor. 9 tenths miles off US Route 2.
We will buy one gun or a whole estate collection. 1 or 300 we will buy them all. Whether you want to thin out what you have, need money to pay bills, or a relative passed away and you are over whelmed let Fred help you. He will help you in any way he can to make the process go smoothly. He has more knowledge than just firearms (antiques, military items, tools, signage, fishing & hunting items, old toys, vintage snowmobiles, and more) so he might be able to help you with the value of other items as well even though he may not want to purchase them. See some of the items he collects on Instagram or Pintrest. He cares about preserving history and shares his collection with others by posting pictures of the items online and displaying items in his gun shop.

We will help anyway we can. Having to deal with possessions of someone that has passed away can be overwhelming. Some are scared of guns in the house. Some are afraid that there maybe loaded guns in the house. Fred can help you no matter the time it takes or the mess you are dealing with. He will respect your privacy and your property. Honesty and fairness is very important. Are you living out of state and have an estate collection in Maine you want to sell? we will buy it. Do you have an estate collection that is located in another state and you want to get it shipped up here and sell it to us? We can help.
Email us today: sales@mainegundealer.com
Avoid pawn shops, cash shops, or buyers of gold & guns that will offer you very little for your items. Beware of those that offer you cash for your collection but do not give you the actual retail value of each firearm up front. They could be ripping you off. They should show you a current values book and show you current ended online auctions. I know what other shops have offered customers for guns. Beware of selling a firearms collection to private individuals without researching what you have first. I have many customers come in and sell guns to me that bought them from a widow or someone that needed to sell their collection due to health or financial reasons. They will come here and get 300 dollars for something they paid 100 for and there is still room for profit. I see this all the time. I am not saying all people are like that but if you don't know what you have go to someone that does and you know you can trust. There are no employees to deal with that only are allowed to give you 50% of the value of your firearm. You only deal with the owner Fred with 25yrs of experience and no one else.
Auction houses can charge  15% - 25% in sellers fees and 15% or higher in buyers fees. Always consider this when taking something to auction. As a seller you need to consider this. Buyers may not bid as high knowing there are fees involved. Some items never go for the expected selling price. It depends on if two or more people want the same item and bid against each other or not. There maybe another item that is just like yours but in better condition you will get less bids. Fred will take this risk when he purchases items. Sometimes he has to list items several times in auctions before he sells the item for the price he wants.
Fred will research what you have by using  a library of books, online searches, current prices guides and recent ended online auctions. The market is always changing and sometimes even the current blue books are low and sometimes they are high. Fred is also a collector as well so he knows what his customers will pay for firearms. If he doesn't know what he is looking at he will research the firearm and contact other experts to help. Fred will give you a fair and honest price. Large shops will not give you a fair price for your items. Large shops need big profits so they will not give you as much for your firearms. Since we have low overhead we work off lower profit margins so we will give you more for your firearms.

TRADING IN A FIREARM? Please note when considering trading in a firearm we do not take in every firearm that walks in th door. It depends on what we have in stock, if it is a hard to sell model, a firearm that is known to have problems or a recall, the time of year, and the condition of the firearm. Firearms that we are highly likely to take in are old, antique, vintage, or military firearms. Older lever action rifles. Older Colt, Ruger or Smith revolvers. Pre 64 firearms. We do take newer production firearms but it depends on what you have. WE DO NOT BUY ***No modern muzzleloaders, reproduction firearms, sporterized firearms, firearms with upgraded or modified triggers, AR15's or AR10's that are not factory made (No individually made, locally or non locally made custom AR's), handguns with stippled or modified frames, firearms with non factory Cerakoted or Duracoated finish, Jennings firearms, Bryco firearms, Kimber firearms, Benelli firearms, Stoeger firearms, reloaded ammunition, used optics or bows please*** (We only make exceptions when buying estate collections) When dealing with buying estate collections we will BUY THEM ALL.
If you are in the Bangor area and have a collection bring it to my shop during normal business hours.

Appointment may be necessary depending on the amount of firearms you have. I am available to look at large collections before or after hours Monday-Saturday or on a Sunday. 
I can come to you if you seriously want to sell your large collection. I will travel within Maine to look at your collection you want to sell. Because I have a family it can be difficult for me to travel while school is in session during the week. My children go to a private Christian school with no buses. Your information will be kept private and confidential. We do not offer appraisals, trade value, or estimates of purchase price via email, Facebook, or phone. It is impossible to put a value on anything without seeing the item. If you want me to come to you or you are coming here and you have a large collection I would recommend sending a list via email of what you have prior to our appointment. This will shorten the time of my research of firearms I may need to study market value on.

We do not offer appraisals, trade value, or estimates of purchase price via email, Facebook, or phone. Beware of those that will. Sometimes they tell you a higher number just to get you in the door then they tell you it is not what they thought or the condition isn't as good as you described and offer you a much lower value.
Business Hours:
MONDAY: Fall, winter, spring hours: NOON - 5:30pm / Summer hours: starting June 1st through August 31st: NOON - 5:00pm
TUESDAY - FRIDAY: Fall, winter, spring hours:
9:00am - 5:30pm / Summer hours: starting June 1st through August 31st: 9:00am - 5:00pm
Saturday: Fall, winter, spring hours: 8:00am - 2:00pm Hint: 11am on can be very busy so come early / Summer hours: starting June 1st through August 31st 8:00am-NOON


Sometimes I can be difficult to reach by phone due to the retail being busy. Please do not give up. You can also email me via sales@mainegundealer.com or stop in. Email can be a much easy and quicker way of communication.
Also see our new Maine Gun Buyer Page : https://www.mainegunbuyer.com/

I do not answer out of state calls due to 99% of them are telemarketers as well as I do not sell firearms over the phone to those who live outside of the state of Maine. Sometimes out of state customers want contact me reference estate collection purchases for estates located in Maine. Please contact me through email to set up a time to communicate via phone if necessary.
If you are a state of Maine resident but have an out of state number please contact me through email
If you are not a state of Maine resident please contact me through email
We also will buy your Civil War through Vietnam era collectables not just firearms.

Buyer of:

- Lever action rifles such as Marlin or Winchester
Winchester 1894
- Vintage or antique pistols and revolvers such as: Colt, Smith & Wesson, Ruger, and more.

Colt Python Revolver

- Civil War, WWI, WWII, Korean War, Vietnam War and other US and foreign military firearms. Such as these: Rifles - M1 Carbine, M1 Garand, 1917, 1903, 1903A2, Krag, 1861, 1863, Trapdoor, SKS, Mosin Nagant, Enfield, Mauser, M39, Arisaka, K98 and more. Handguns - P38, PP, PPK, Luger P08, 1894, 1901, 1903, 1905, Victory Model, M&P, 1917, M1911, Nagant, Enfield and more.

wwii German Luger Pistol         wwii Colt 1911 1911A1 military pistol
wwii M1 Garand 30-06 rifle

- Revolvers Such as: Colt, Smith & Wesson, Ruger, and more. Current or non current

 Colt Python 357 Magnum Revolver

- Semi auto pistols : Current or non current
- Vintage and Antique hunting rifles and shotguns (no sporterized rifles please unless you have a estate collection you want to sell)

- Militaria from the Civil War, WWI, WWII, Korean War, & Vietnam War such as helmets, knives, swords, daggers, uniforms, flak vests, holsters, slings, inert launchers, artillery shells, war trophies, and more. (ORIGINAL ITEMS ONLY) The owner is a collector and wants to preserve history. If you have an historical doscuments, pictures, books, and anything (Military or Maine releated items) else don't through them in the trash let Fred look at them. He might not pay money for them but he will see that they are preserved. The items will be either in his collection or make sure they go to the right place.

- Vintage OEM gun parts and accessories such as take off grips, stocks and more.

- Collectables and Memorabilia from the Civil War, WWI, WWII, Korean War, and Vietnam War

- Factory or military firearms accessories such as clips, magazines, grips, bayonets, wooden stocks, holsters, vintage gun oil cans, advertising signs, and etc.. (no new or used scopes or optics / no drum magazines)

Wanted War Relics MaineMaine Militaria Collectables Bought and SoldArtillary Shells bought and sold Maine
Pre Civil War Peace Flask MaineCivil War Collectables Bought and Sold Mainewwi trench knife

- Ammo (new production only - no reloads), Vintage ammo in current and discontinued calibers, and vintage ammo in boxes for display.

Vintage and Collectable Ammo bought and sold Maine

We also offer FREE in person verbal or written appraisals as well.

We purchase buy guns firearms Maine Guns Wanted

***No modern muzzleloaders, reproduction firearms, sporterized firearms, firearms with upgraded or modified triggers, AR15's or AR10's that are not factory made (No individually made, locally or non locally made custom AR's), handguns with stippled or modified frames, firearms with non factory Cerakoted or Duracoated finish, Jennings firearms, Bryco firearms, Kimber firearms, Benelli firearms, Stoeger firearms, reloaded ammunition, used optics or bows please*** (We only make exceptions when buying estate collections) WE DO NOT BUY

Glock Stippling Maine

Did you know modifying a firearm by stippling, hydro dipping, or cerakoting ruins the resale of a firearm? You have modified a firearm to something you like and now that is customized you have to find the right person that wants a firearm that is on that configuration. Every guns value book gives the value of firearms in factory configuration. Anything that has been modified the price instantly goes down. Why buy a firearm for $500.00 and put another 100 or 200 dollars in it only to loose the money of the addition mods and degrade the value of the firearm as well. If it is something you are going to keep for ever that is one thing but many people do not. Instead of stippling why not use Talon grips or other grip tape. It is easily removable and does not take away from the value.

Glock Cerakote Maine

We require a valid Maine drivers license or state id with your current physical address on it if you sell a firearm to us.

Real Maine Drivers License ID selling purchasing firearms


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