Vintage Rifle Ammunition

Vintage and Antique rifle ammo Maine. Rare and collectable ammunition for sale in Maine. Ammo to add to your ammo collection or to use in that collectable firearm. We do not buy or sell reloaded ammuniton if they are known to be so. We have discounted clean factory ammunition that is not listed here. It is for sale in our shop.
440 Round Spam Can 7.62x54R Russian Military Surplus Ammo - 80's production. Corrosive. Unopened.

Vintage 38-55  255gr 20rds Oliver Winchester Ammo - Clean looking ammo

Vintage 38-55  255gr 20rds Legendary Frontiersmen Winchester Ammo - Clean looking ammo

Vintage 348 200gr Silvertip Winchester Ammo - Clean looking ammo

Vintage Western Super-X 25-20 Ammo. 39rds left in the box.


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