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Guns for sale at our retail store only. Gun Shop Maine

We sell guns to Maine residents only

- All items on this site are available for purchase at our retail store.

- At this time items are not available to purchase online but may be something we will do in the future. PLEASE DO NOT ASK IF YOU CAN PURCHASE AN ITEM AND HAVE IT SHIPPED TO YOU.

How do I add an item to the cart and checkout? How do I buy something from this website? You cannot buy from this website. The items on this website are for sale at our retail location only. You cannot buy direclty from this website. This may change in the future.

Is the website up to date? Yes the firearms inventory listed on this website is 100% and is updated before we open every morning Mon.-Sat. We even update during the day as items sell and arrive. The accessories and ammo inventory listed on this site is not updated.

Don't forget to refresh your browser. DO NOT SAVE A LINK TO A PRODUCT ON YOU PHONE OR COMPUTER AND KEEP CHECKING TO SEE IF IT IS IN STOCK. YOUR BROWSER MAY NOT REFRESH THE LINK. Always start at the home page and go back to the product that way. I have had customers save the link to a firearm saying the website showed that was in stock but it is not. When I tell them to start at the home page and look for the same item again it will show out of stock. This is true also that it could be in stock and it is showing out of stock.

ATTN. Apple I-Pad users - See the mobile / tablet section below.

COMING SOON: If any product shows coming soon please check the GUNS COMING SOON page to see if the firearm is in shipment to us.

Most of the menus are self explanatory but there are options you may not know about.


This is the menu on the left side. (See below for instructions for mobile as this is different) If you click on the catagory without using the drop down menu you will see everthing under that catagory. You will see sort and filter options. See below to use sort and filter options. Most firearm catagories will have the option to view all in that catagory at the top of the drop down menu for each catagory. There is options for by caliber, by manufacturer, and by type. AR's and AK's are under semi auto rifles.
Menu Maine Gun Dealer

Sort and Filter
is a great way to quickly find what you are looking for. Use the drop down menus seen below to do this.
Sort Filter Maine Gun Dealer

Product Details:
If you click on the product you will see the product details (specs and what is included) as well as a small sample of releated products such as holsters, accessories, and ammo.

Want to see a plain text list without pictures? This is good for those with poor internet connections. Click the List All Items button to see the plain text list with links to the item details page.

List All Maine Gun Dealer
Plain Text Maine Gun Dealer

Search Bar: You can try to use it to find what you are looking for but the wording has to be exact for what you are looking for or will not show up.

Live Chat: See the bottom of the page for the Live Chat box. This is available during normal business hours.

Live Chat Maine Gun Dealer

MOBILE / TABLET USE: ( For full use of our website with more information pages see our desk top website)

One of the most common questions on the mobile / tablet site is how to I find the drop down menus. There is a link at the top of the mobile / tablet page to view the drop down menus. Once you click on the MENU button you will have the option to browse by catagories and other options. See more links at the bottom of the main page.

Mobile Menu Maine Gun Dealer

Instuctions I Pad Mobile Phone Maine Gun Dealer

Search Bar: I have found this to not work the best. I always use the menu option and select catagories. Most of the time you have to use the filter option to find what you are looking for if you use the search bar. I am trying to get this corrected.
Use the search bar at the top of the website for quick searches. When you search for say Glock all items with Glock will show then you can sort and filter. If trying to be specific use different variations such as Glocks maybe listed as G19 or 19 and Calibers maybe listed at 40S&W, 40sw, or 40 S&W (38sp, 38spl, 380, 380acp) so usually using broader terms and using sort and filter option maybe better.

Mobile Search Maine Gun Dealer

Any other questions or issues please contact the owner at

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