Is your Maine nonprofit organization interested in having a gun raffle to raise money? Such as Clubs, Fire Departments, Veterans organizations, and more.

Would you like to have a drawing or give away for certain public service organization employees (such as police officers) during a Christmas party or other event?

We will help you pick out a firearm or firearms to make your raffle profitable or your drawing or give away a sure hit with employees.

Questions and Answers?

Do we give you a discount on the firearms? Yes we do. Many organizations such as Bangor PD we sell firearms at cost and make zero profit. Many have gone to other businesses for a quote and they mark up the firearms they sell to what our normal profit margin is or higher. We just don't feel that is right. We want to see you make the most profit possible for your charity. We want to serve the community we live in as much as possible.

Do you offer this service to all organizations? No we use are discretion and have the right to refuse to offer this service.

Do you have a limit to how many firearms we can purchase for a raffle? I would like to limit the amount to 10 firearms per organization since I make no profit on the firearms and no employees to help.

Do we charge sales tax?
We will require a Maine tax exempt certificate to verify that your organization is legit and therefore you will not be charged sales tax.

Do you charge for the background check? No we do not charge for the background check.

Do you want us to mention your business when promoting a raffle? Yes, we actually require our business name and website address to be on all promotional material, tickets (only if they are custom printed tickets), and social media posts.  Since we are offering this service for little to no profit at all we think this is a reasonable thing for organizations to do. Example - Firearms supplied by Allsport Performance Inc.

Will you help us promote our raffle? We will share your social media posts on our Facebook page, Instagram page and add provided promotional graphic to the bottom of this page.

Are the firearms new? Yes all raffled firearms are new and come in original packaging.

- Pick out the firearm or firearms
- Pay for the firearm or firearms ( much sure you bring a copy of your Maine tax exempt certificate )
- The firearms that are not in stock will arrive within a weeks time.
- When printing promotional material, tickets (only if they are custom printed tickets), and promoting on social media include our business name and website address. (required) Example - Firearms supplied by Allsport Performance Inc.
- See below options. We usually keep the firearms here and transfer them to the winner(s) after the raffle is complete.
- The list of winners including the firearms they won should be sent to us right after the raffle is complete. We will only transfer a firearm to the winner of each firearm. No other person can pick up the firearm and go through the background check. The winner must be 18 for a long gun, 21 for a handgun or receiver. The winner must be a Maine resident.
- If the winner is denied on their background check a new name will have to be drawn. A friend or relative of the denied individual cannot pick up the firearm on their behalf. This would be considered a straw purchase.

ATTN: WE DO NOT ALLOW RETURNS, EXCHANGES, OR A CASH ALLOWANCE - We do not allow returns, exchanges or a cash allowance for firearms purchased for a raffle or give away. The firearm won will be the only one offered to the winner.

How may a licensee participate in the raffling of firearms by an unlicensed organization?

Depending on how the organization arranges for the firearms to be transferred to the raffle winner, the licensee’s participation may vary.

Example 1: A licensee transfers a firearm to the organization sponsoring the raffle. The representative acting on behalf of the organization must complete the ATF Form 4473 and undergo a NICS background check. When the buyer of a firearm is a corporation, association, or other organization, an officer or other representative authorized to act on behalf of the organization must complete the form with his or her personal information and attach a written statement, executed under penalties of perjury, stating that the firearm is being acquired for the use of the organization and the name and address of the organization. Once the firearm had been transferred to the organization, the organization can subsequently transfer the firearm to the raffle winner without an ATF Form 4473 being completed or a NICS check being conducted. This is because the organization is not a licensee. However, the organization cannot transfer the firearm to a person who is not a resident of the organization’s State of residence nor can the organization knowingly transfer the firearm to a prohibited person.

Example 2: (option 1) The licensee or a representative of the licensee brings a firearm to the raffle so that the firearm can be displayed. After the raffle, the firearm is returned to the licensee’s premises.  (option 2) The licensee stores the firearm or firearms at their location until the raffle is over. The licensee must complete an ATF Form 4473 and conduct a NICS background check prior to transferring the firearm to the winner of the raffle. If the firearm is a handgun, the winner of the raffle must be a resident of the State where the transfer takes place, or the firearm must be transferred through another licensee in the winner’s State of residence. If the firearm is a rifle or shotgun, the licensee can lawfully transfer the firearm to the winner of the raffle as long as the transaction is over–the–counter and complies with the laws applicable at the place of sale and the State where the transferee resides.

Example 3: If the raffle meets the definition of a qualifying event, the licensee may conduct business at that event.

Please note, if the organization’s practice of raffling firearms rises to the level of being engaged in the business of dealing in firearms, the organization must get its own Federal firearms license.

[18 U.S.C. 922(a)(5), 922(b)(3), 922(t), and 923(j); 27 CFR 478.99, 478.100, 478.102, and 478.124]
Last Reviewed September 14, 2015

State of Maine raffle laws :


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