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S500PTHP - Winchester Platinum Tip 500 S&W 400gr PTHP 20rds
Availability: In Stock
.500 S&W centerfire handgun cartridge, 400-grain Supreme Platinum Tip Hollow Point bullet, 1,675 fps, 20 rounds

Use for hunting big game with thin skin such as whitetail and mule deer, antelope, and black bears, and also use for hunting big game with thick skin such as elk, moose, caribou, and brown bear.

Patented notched reverse taper bullet jacket
Plated heavy wall jacket and 2-part hollow point cavity for uniform bullet expansion
Massive energy depo

Features: Massive Energy Deposit, Accurate, Optimum Penetration, Consistent Expansion

1675 fps muzzle
2491 ft/lbs. energy muzzle
1531 fps at 50 yards
2082 ft/lbs. at 50 yards
1400 fps at 100 yards
1741 ft/lbs. at 100 yards
Qty in Stock: 1

NOTE: Items are not refundable

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