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PVC-H188B - UTG Extreme Tactical Special Ops Leg RH Holster
Availability: In Stock
UTG Extreme Tactical Special Ops Universal Leg RH Holster

•     Innovative Design for Fully Equipped Pistols & MP Sub-machine Guns
•     Adjustable Thumb Break Systems to Offer Quick-draw and Re-holster of Pistol
•     5" X 3" Padded Hook-and-loop Panel and Double Hook-and-loop Straps to Adjust Fit and Secure Pistol
•     Two Fully Adjustable Non-slip Leg Straps to Minimize Movement and Provide Maximum Comfort
•     1.5" Wide Hook-and-loop Strap to Fold up at Bottom to Adjust Holster Length
•     Holster with Adjustable Hook-and-loop System Custom Fit for UZI, MP5 Pistol or Medium to Large Fully Equipped Pistols with Laser/Flashlight Accessories
•     Extra Spare Mag Pouch
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